Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Free Email services providing over 1 GB free space

Google has been hogging the news for some time because they have been the first to provide a whooping 1 GB storage space for its free email service called GMail - Now being upgraded to 2 GB space - which they have promised to go on increasing in a time based manner. It created ripples in the email arena so much that it forced Yahoo - one of the oldest and most popular email providers to upgrade its free email service from just a measly 6 MB storage space to 250 MB space. And they have also promised to provide 1 GB storage space in the future for all its email users - though that hasn't happened yet.
That set me thinking; Is GMail the only service which provides over 1 GB storage space to its users or are there others? A quick search in google and yahoo search spit out a few surprises. Obviously there are a lot of email providers which are giving over 1 GB space to their users.
For starters, there is a very popular email service (popular at least in India) called Rediffmail based in Mumbai which has been around for over 5 years now which provides 1 GB free storage and 10 MB mail attachments for its free email users residing in India. I signed up and created an account just for checking it out and was pleasantly surprised to get a very clean interface. In fact I found it even more pleasant and less cluttered than yahoo mail. And if you do not like ads in your email, then you can upgrade to a paid service for Rupees 449/Year (which amounts to around US $9) which provides among other things 2 GB space, POP3 access, send 100 SMS to cellphones and above all no ads in your email.
Another email service which caught my fancy was XasaMail. The uniqueness of this mail service is that it provides a whooping 4 GB , yes you heard it right FOUR GB of storage and I didn't find any ads in my account too which was a pleasant surprise. Xasamail also doubles as a RSS reader in that you can subscribe to feeds
from slashdot and other tech sites and you can access those feeds from your email account. Xasamail is offered in 6 different languages with support for many more languages promised in the future.
Then there are others who club the email and blogging service together and offer them to their users. Such an account is bcz.com. It provides 2 GB space to its email users.A site called Gawab.com offers two free packages; The first one offers 1GB free storage space to its email users but without POP3 access. If you want free POP3 access, then you can select the second offer which offers 15 MB free email account with POP3/SMTP support. Another free 1 GB email account is wala.com. A really interesting site called Yousendit.com lets you send huge files of size upto 1 GB to others. And the best thing is you don't have to open an account with them.
These are only a small subset of the email services providing free 1 GB email. If you search, you can come across more of them. The explosion of such a variety of domains providing email has opened many choices for the netizens.

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