Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bookmarking the way

I recently discovered a site called which is a social bookmarking website. Now what is social bookmarking ? WikiPedia - the free encyclopedia defines it in the following words:
An online service genre that allows users to save and categorize a personal collection of bookmarks. Distinct in that others may see the bookmarks that have been saved by others and add them to their own collection, as well as to subscribe to the lists of others.
There are numerous social bookmarking sites on the net. But what drew me to this particular site was the simple easy to use design of the site. This site from its inception has quickly moved up the popularity rating. To post into this site, you have to first register and create an account - which is a very quick 1 minute process. After registering on the site, you use a simple bookmarklet (A javascript code embedded in your browser toolbar) to add sites you come across which you find interesting to your list of bookmarks.
But the site is much more than a bookmark list that you can access from any computer. The real power of the site is the social aspects built in. After you add a bookmark, you may see something like "and 20 others" beside the new site. Click that link and you can see who and when other people bookmarked the same site. You can also click on their username to see what other sites they have been bookmarking - a great way to find people who share your interests.

Another great aspect of the design enables you to add "tags" attached to each site that you bookmark. This is a simple space-separated list of words - whatever words you choose. Tags are essentially categories for the links. This is useful for two purposes. One is to categorize your own bookmarks the site lets you few lists of the sites by category. The other that the categories apply globally as well - so you can see the sites that others are bookmarking in the same categories as you - and others may discover your bookmarks while browsing the category lists.
Bookmarks are also available via RSS and APIs, making the site even more useful.

A lot of tools have been created by bookmarking enthusiasts to aid in the posting of links in this site and at the same time share it with others. Here I have endevoured to collect all the links to such tools which make your posting to a truly delicious experience.

  • Scrumptious - firefox extension that lets you create and modify bookmarks from a sidebar, using the tags that other people have chosen for the current webpage (as well as adding you own).
  • Categorizer - reconstructs a hierarchic ordering for your links using set theory.
  • Furl to Delicious - Import your Furl bookmarks to Delicious.
  • Copy Bookmarks to Furl - Import your bookmarks to Furl.
  • New Search Tools for - Offers multiple ways to search tags and bookmarks of yours and other users.
  • - New tools for quicker posts in Offers several quick ways to add, delete posts and rename tags. Also useful is the experimental pop up bookmarklet.
  • Trendalicious - is a near real-time view of website popularity trends as reflected by the social bookmarking service.
  • Delicious Linkbacks - Add the bookmarklet to your browser, then you can get a look at what users are saying about (or at least how they are tagging) nearly any web page with one click.
  • MySQLicious - is a tool for mirroring bookmarks into a MySQL database.
  • loader - loads your Firefox bookmarks directly into your account.
  • - The Ruby script analyzes your links to generate a list of your favourite interests.
  • Delibar - it will be store all your bookmarks in the system bar so you can easily access at it by select the tag and the link.
  • Search plugin for Mozilla browsers - is a search plugin for that allows you to search your bookmarks.
  • HuntAndGather - is a firefox extension meant to provide for some nice functionality. It opens tabs corresponding to the latest URLs stored on given the desired tag with several search functions.
  • import script - a perl script which will import Netscape bookmarks file into
  • A good Tutorial - how you can publish your links on your site.
  • delicious-discuss - is an all-purpose mailing list for chatting with other users.
  • Automatic filing with - file the current web page in the read_later category in one click.
  • Wetaste - A WYSIWYG digest tool for You may want more than just bookmarking on, not just the url and simple description, but the important part of the content you ever read which this site accomplishes.
  • - creates ontologies for tags on
  • Backing up - A tool for backing up your bookmarks. It helps to preserve your bookmarks for the ultimate day when suddenly dissapears and so do all your bookmarks and favourite urls collected over years.
  • tag search - look up links that are tagged with one or more subjects.
  • foxylicious - a Mozilla Firefox extension that syncs your bookmarks into your browser bookmarks.
  • - is a bookmarklet you can use from anywhere to add your comments to your account. Once you've filled out the prompt, you'll see your comment in a standard posting form: you can edit it if you like, or just press "save" to post it as is and be returned to the page you were originally on. The default tag is "loquacious".
  • - is tag filter for It produces a page with links from selected tags, allows to integrate links for one or more tags into an existing page, limited to a specified "freshness", and comes with hundreds of options. If you are a Wordpress user, it is also able to directly post into your database to, say, run the script daily at fixed hour and print links on a given subject right into your blog.
  • - is yet another posting interface with a dash of Javascript. It looks like the normal posting form, but has a couple of special feature like auto-completion in the tag box and suggestions of related tags you've used before.
  • - is a bookmarklet that allows selection of the text for the description of the link to add to your delicious links
  • Firefox plugin - integrates with Firefox.
  • Durl- is an RSS feed for URL queries. Enter a url to retrieve information about people who delicious'ed it. already provides this service, Durl completes that with an RSS feed containing those results and trend history graphs. You can also see a list of popular trends graphs.
  • - is a tool to find people who have bookmarked the same links you have on The purpose is to attempt to find people who may have similar interests as you do in a more direct way than using tags.
  • + Gmail - A script which runs once a day, crawls each link and sends an email to a gmail account with the 'From' field being the page url, the 'Subject' being the tags, and the body being a copy of the page.It helps to keep a cache of every page you bookmark just in case the page disappears. In addition to searching the page text, It can filter by tags by using an advanced search.
  • Gnomolicious - is an GNOME applet that help you post links on the site simply by drag'n'dropping them.
Whoosh !! I have listed only a few important tools. There are hundreds of tools and help sites available which have come up supporting that, it will take another 1000 lines to describe all of them. I came across this site called Quick Online Tips , where the author has collected 100's of links at one place.

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